Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?
  • PRM has provided community and homeowner’s association management services since 1997.
Will our association be assigned a dedicated manager?
  • No, PRM works differently than any other company. Because of our customized and copyrighted data base, you will have a team of professionals dedicated to your condominium, townhome or homeowner’s association. The real “managers” are the owners. One or more of them will attend all the meetings.
What is included in your contract?
  • Our contract includes a full set of monthly financial reporting on an accrual basis, a complete reprint of the monthly activity for your HOA. Every call from a member of your association is logged under their electronic file . At a glance you will know the nature of each call to our office in addition what action was taken in conjunction. We take care of all of your tax reporting and the only charge to the Association is the filing fee. We do property inspections complete with photographic evidence of any and all violations.
How about the collection of delinquent HOA dues?
  • PRM Association Management prides itself on being the most aggressive HOA and Condominium Managers with regard to the collection of past due HOA fees. Manager Susan Rubin takes this task very seriously and works very closely with homeowners who have fallen behind for whatever reason. Most times she is able to effect an immediate resolution through payment arrangements, without involving attorneys. However, when homeowners take an adversarial position, PRM Association Management  works very closely with one of the finest law firms in the valley to bring about a speedy and cost efficient conclusion.
Can I view my account online and make my payment?
  • PRM feels very strongly about keeping financial information off line, therefore, payments may be sent via check, automatic bill pay initiated by the homeowner through their banks website. We offer SurePay, an automatic debit program at no charge to the homeowners or the Association and unlike other companies, homeowners are welcome to make cash payments at our office.
What happens in the event of an emergency?
  • PRM has a 24 hour emergency line which is answered by a member of our staff.
What do you do about violation enforcement?
  • PRM is happy to boast that we are the most aggressive Association Management company in the valley — and this is why: our property inspector is an expert in his field as inspections are his only task. He is not a “jack of all trades” like the other Association Management companies. Most of out counterparts assign a “manager” to each community they manage. That “manager” is given the task of fielding all phone calls from homeowners, performing all the inspections, sending out the corresponding violation letters, interaction with Association vendors, and a myriad of other tasks. It is not possible for ONE person to be an expert in all of those capacities. Instead, PRM Association management performs like a baseball team. Each member of the staff has a different specialty for which they have become expert. They act as a support team, however, the only managers are Paul and Susan Rubin.
Will my Association have its own bank account?
  • Yes. All condominium and homeowner association clients have their own checking and savings accounts, along with separate bank statements. There are no commingling of funds.