Online Payment Gateway

Welcome to PRM's Secure Payment Gateway

Completing an online payment with PRM is easy! Use a credit or debit card to complete a four-step process.


Step 1: Complete the “Online Payment Agreement.”

Step 2: Click the “Submit Payment” button.

Step 3: Enter the payment and processing fee total amount.

Step 4: Submit your payment information by choosing the “Pay With Debit Card or Credit Card” button. (Alternatively, you may use or establish a PayPal account to prevent having to reenter your payment information in the future.)


Call us if a payment exceeds our online transaction limit of $500. Be sure to visit our “Ways To Pay” page to learn how we can help you avoid online transaction fees.

Credit or Debit Card Processing Fees

• $4 for amounts through $100
• $8 for amounts through $200
• $12 for amounts through $300
• $15 for amounts through $400
• $20 for amounts through $500

Online Payment Agreement

I hereby authorize PRM to use my credit/debit card for today’s payment along with the required credit card processing service charge for the following community/association and lot # or property address:

Community/Assn Name (Not PRM):
Lot # or Property Address: