Homeowner Association (HOA) Management

PRM offers HOA management services to Arizona communities located in cities such as Peoria, Scottsdale, Glendale and the surrounding areas. We care for the financial stability and long-term integrity of your community. We are a team of experts with a proven management system that preserves community assets and enhances property value.

Our approach to homeowner association management is personal, proactive and accessible. Each team member is an expert in their respective duties, which makes our management style efficient, precise and unprecedented in our industry.

If you’ve been disappointed by managment company failures, turn to PRM association management to end the frustrations.

Rely on PRM to:

    • Maintain good communication.
    • Provide personal, prompt service.
    • Improve your community through violation enforcement.
    • Pursue collections effectively and efficiently.
    • Resolve collection matters in-house and oversee those referred to our network of law firms who all have proven results.
    • Maintain a high standard of honesty and integrity.
    • Perform regular inspections and follow up with photos, violation letters and assessments as necessary.
    • Protect you from bid rigging and other dishonest practices as PRM does not own or control contractors.
    • Respond to all questions, complaints and concerns during business hours.

HOA boards seeking management contract with PRM association management for the very best in professional management and bookkeeping services.

The three most common reasons why an HOA Board feels the need to leave their present management relationship and experience the PRM difference are as follows:

  1. HOA fees continue to go up.
  2. There never seems to be any money.
  3. Nothing is getting done.

Since PRM HOA management services has taken on the aforementioned challenges over the past 25 years, we are pleased to report that as a direct result of our diligent efforts to make numerous improvements, the associations with such problems can now boast:

  1. Their fees have remained the same for years.
  2. There is plenty of money and reserve funds.
  3. Everything gets done properly, efficiently and effectively.
  4. People are paying on time.

PRM is ready, willing and able to help your HOA Board reach its goals and get to a much better place.