April 2020: Website Update & PRM COVID-19 Community & Association Management Advantages

Welcome to the new and improved PRM Association Management web experience. As many of you already know, P R M stands for People Really Matter.

To us, that means the ultimate personalized experience when contacting our office.

Our focus now is on enhanced customer service, unlike other Association Management companies in the valley. Here are some of the differences that matter to YOU!

1)  A FIVE DAY WORK WEEK: Did you know that many of our counterparts are closed on Fridays?

At PRM Association Management, people really matter, that’s why we are ready and able to assist with your service requests, escrow and title needs, and general questions MONDAY thru FRIDAY from 8:30PM to 4:30PM.

2) WE ANSWER THE PHONES IN PERSON: did you know that most of the other Association Management companies never answer their phones in person, and all calls go to voice mail, where customers are encouraged to go to a website, send an email, or do their own research? But who answers your questions? Such problems are not encountered with PRM.

3) NO ASSIGNED COMMUNITY MANAGERS: At PRM Association Management, where People Really Matter, there are no “Assigned Community Managers.” All of our staff have access to the databases of each Community and Condominium Association we manage. This means you will never have to wait for basic information. Our office is compartmentalized in to proper divisions; general office staff, bookkeeping, and compliance for more detailed questions. Just call us at (623) 974-8585. If we happen to be unavailable for a moment, due to busy phone lines, we’ll call you back right away.