Services offered by the professionals at PRM which are included at no charge under our standard contract:

24 hour Emergency Phone Service

A local business office

Nationwide Toll Free Phone Number and E-Mail

Monthly Financial and Management Reports

Propietary copyrighted electronic data tracking information system which maintains Rosters as well as detailed unit notes

Attendence of Board and Membership Meetings

Routine Inspections of Common Areas to oversee contracted Maintenance

Photograph and enforcement against violations of the Association’s Governing Documents

Processing of violation appeals and architectural change requests

Provide legally mandated Association Resale Disclosure Packages

Assist and advise the Board on Risk Management and Insurance Claim Negotiation

Assist and advise the Board with solicitation of competitive bids from service providers

Contract Negotiation

Guidance with Budget Preparation and Presentation

Tax preparation and filing

Annual Corporation Commission Reporting

Preparation and distribution of meeting notices as mandated by Arizona State Statutes

Comprehensive collection services including recommendations to legal council (when necessary)

A team of professionals that Truly Care!