Commercial Office Condominium Management Testimonial

December 9, 2015

It has been almost a year since PRM Association Management, owned and operated by Paul and Susan Rubin, took over the management of this Association.

In that year more has been done to keep our property in top condition than the previously 11 years combined. They have decreased our expenses by renegotiating with vendors. They took over a very tricky situation involving a roofing vendor who claimed to have done a service, but had not in fact done so and not only got our money returned but now the repair has been done correctly so that we can expect the flat roofs to function properly for many years. Currently they are in the middle of handling a vendor who claims to have a “never ending” lease on the fire equipment.

The list is long. But every time a situation needs to be taken care of, they step in and find the most cost effective way of getting the job done. They stay on top of existing contractors and make sure the job meets or exceeds the specified contract obligations. This step has also saved our Association a lot of money.

Most of the problems that have been taken care of are the result of neglect by the previous management company. We have been confronted by sloppy, unethical contractors who were obviously not used to oversight. PRM has managed every situation and the Association has always come out ahead.

For everything you have done, we thank you. We highly recommend PRM Association Management.


Thunderbird Professional Village Condo Association Board Members